American Football Moves to Tumblr

Alright all… it’s official. We’re moving this hot footballing mess over the the greener grass that is Tumblr. Find us HERE.

Can’t believe this really happened…

Yes. It is 1245 AM on a Sunday night, and I can not wait til tomorrow to get this posted. Amazing.

Apparently, in the 1990 World Cup, England #10 Gary Lineker accidentally pooped himself trying to make a tackle in the Three Lions first game. As they say: The poo smell is temporary, class is permanent.

Embedding is disabled because of the awesomeness of the video, but here it is. Exhibit A.

Courtesy of the incomparable @dirtytackle.

good stuff on how to play 3 in the back

I was looking up some stuff after trying to wrap my head around how Dalglish’s formation exactly functioned. thought you guys might enjoy.

here’s the link to a good article on Napoli and how they play 3 in the back:

The Anfield Rap

All actual players in this video, which hit #3 in the UK (and we think they have good taste in music over there?!) Horrible in it’s awesomeness.

What if this happened in the U.S.?

My friends, in an effort to continue to demonstrate why footy rules, I present to you…exhibit A:

Running down a Ref in your car

What would happen in the US if T.O. was upset at a ref and tried to drive over him in his car? I really don’t know. In the UK, it’s [...]