Been spoiled recently with blogs tackling an in-depth tactical analysis of footy matches ( in particular)… and just discovered a new blog today, Talking About Football.

The first article to catch my attention? A tremendous analysis of how Benitex plans to (and is beginning to) transform Inter from Mourinho’s style to his own. If you want a tactical treat, check it out.

2 comments to How Mourinho’s Inter is becoming Benitez’ Inter

  • grizzle

    Oh how I love you and hate you in the same moment Cole. I DID NOT need to find Talking About Football. I both need more of and much less of footie reading in my life.

    Did you see the articles on the Man City midfield triangle v. Liverpool or the one on Joe Cole? Guy seems like a Pool fan based on the blog role and limited but pointed Prem scope of his stuff. He’s not dumb…not dumb at all. Love his use of images and charting – SO clarifying for the all-importance of form.

    Great find! Cheers!

  • americnfootball

    You’re welcome! Between this and, I’ve learned more about tactics in the last 6 months than my previous 30 years combined.

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