Legs are only supposed to bend in one direction.

Welp, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I would like to rekindle the fire of bloggish footy banter by posting once again on the mighty American Football. ┬áSo, for starters I’m attempting to post this totally brutal video of a season ending injury for Walter Samuel, defender of the team I would like [...]

“If we could send a message to the martians…”

Those famous words were uttered in a moment of El Clasico delight by Ray Hudson, football’s most hyperbolic commentator. And this, my friends, is Ray Hudson’s best. Enjoy:

No Title Necessary

Read the article. Then ponder this: The man needs a nickname. This thread is accepting suggestions. I’ll start. RoboCop? Man of Steel? Crash?

Hicks and Gillett…

How Mourinho’s Inter is becoming Benitez’ Inter

Been spoiled recently with blogs tackling an in-depth tactical analysis of footy matches (zonalmarking.net in particular)… and just discovered a new blog today, Talking About Football.

The first article to catch my attention? A tremendous analysis of how Benitex plans to (and is beginning to) transform Inter from Mourinho’s style to his own. If you want [...]