Can’t believe this really happened…

Yes. It is 1245 AM on a Sunday night, and I can not wait til tomorrow to get this posted. Amazing.

Apparently, in the 1990 World Cup, England #10 Gary Lineker accidentally pooped himself trying to make a tackle in the Three Lions first game. As they say: The poo smell is temporary, class is permanent.

Embedding [...]

The most badass man in football

Admittedly, football is a sport short on “badass.” Skill, talent, even power, sure. But badass? Not so much. To that end, I’d like to open the discussion: Who’s the most badass man in footy?

With all due respect to Rooney and Essien, here’s my first nominee:

My respect for Wenger grows…

Starting with his response to being sent off at Old Trafford (hilarious), then on to his balanced defence of Benitez’s difficult position, then to this take on the Henry-France-Ireland situation, i’m coming to believe that good ol’ Arsene might be one of those rare breeds in football: an intelligent person with perspective. Good on ya, [...]

You WISH you were this hot!

Only a man of supreme style, skill, intelligence, and machismo can pull something like this off. Come on, you all know you WISH you could be Ashley Cole. Admit it.

He pulls this kind of thing off with panache, and he doesn’t even have his name tattooed on his arm in elvish! Amazing! [...]