Can’t believe this really happened…

Yes. It is 1245 AM on a Sunday night, and I can not wait til tomorrow to get this posted. Amazing.

Apparently, in the 1990 World Cup, England #10 Gary Lineker accidentally pooped himself trying to make a tackle in the Three Lions first game. As they say: The poo smell is temporary, class is permanent.

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Pop quiz:

Q. Which of the players in the picture below gets a red card for this tackle?

Marouane Fellaini: The new dirtiest player in the Prem?

A: If you said the guy in red, you get a gold star.

In fairness, the game was hot and heavy all around, both sides put in some nasty challenges, and this [...]

I’d like to re-nominate Dive-ie Drop-ba for Public Enemy

Look. This is all a runner up contest. The greatest of the worst is clearly Dive-ie. Nobody else garners more “he’s amazing but he’s disgraceful” articles. With too much material to post, we can simply rely on the universally understood body of knowledge, summed up in the most classic dive image of all time:

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